We spend 90% of our time indoors. This combined with the wrong light at the wrong time of day effects our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our sleep-wake cycle, our biological clock. It makes us energised and productive in the morning and tired at night. This is what informs the organs and brain to be active. I created a necklace that nudges you to go outside by opening up when sunlight is received and that amplifies the amount of sunlight you receive in fall and winter.
To amplify and focus the light that is received this design is based
on lobster eyes. The eye of a lobster focuses reflected light onto the retina using a perfect geometric configuration of square tubes. This geometric configuration also lends itself very well for an opening and closing mechanism. The opening and closing will be triggered by a light sensor. Reference: Ask Nature
I experimented with different ways of configuration using paper prototypes. I also tried out what the different effects of different colours of the paper were. To show how it works I created a prototype using Arduino and chopsticks to let the necklace open and close.