Superfluidity is a collaborative project that was part of the Grand challenge at the Royal College of Art. Our sub-theme was materialising for protection. Instead of designing a means of protection, we proposed an altered perception which could protect the state of mind. If you know everything is in constant interaction, you don’t have to protect a certain state. Through our design we want to stress the fluidity between different entities. Therefore, we have developed a self-growing clay that resembles the animation Barbapapa. It fades the boundaries between agents. We have used it to cover bodies and inanimate objects. It combines concepts of speculative design with art.
Taiho Shin (Design Products)
Grainne Walley (Fashion Design)
Lea Joergensen (Fashion Design )
Joris Olde Rikkert (Innovation Design Engineering)
Romy Snijders (Global Innovation Design)

Colour experiments