Reconnecting the head and body. Learning to listen, to feel and to be in the body instead of on top of the body. I designed a tool that helps in the transition of constant activity of the mind to being in the present and feeling calm, through anchors of concentration: sound, touch and movement. With the glove sounds can be created/modified through fingers touching and different textures can be felt inside the fingertips. The movement of the fingers are based on Mudras that are used in meditation. Fingertips are Acupressure points that connect to the head, brain and sinuses. Through concentration and being in the present it helps to reconnect the head and body and to live mindfully. 
I did this project at Pratt in New York. 

Illustration of the transition

The transition of constant activity of the mind to arriving in the present and feeling calm. This transition is based on research in meditation and mindfulness. Besides studying literature I consulted experts at the The Meditation Incubator at Pratt Institute. 

Finger positions

The movement of the fingers to create sound.
These finger positions are Mudras, used in yoga and meditation to calm the mind.
In In this design the focus is on the finger tips, according to hand reflexology these finger tips connect to the head, brain & sinuses. Research needs to be executed to explore what effect this exactly has. But my assumption is that this helps to achieve the overall goal of the design.
This project is shown at the Work in Progress show at the Royal College of Art in early 2020. Besides a looks like prototype, a works like prototype was created which allowed for visitors to test and experience the design. The project was received very positively. It was described as a delightful experience and many new ways of use and implementation were suggested. 

Form Study

To design the form of the glove several elements were taken in consideration. The look, the feeling and the usability of the glove. It has to look nice, because it is a tool you want to be able to use everywhere. It has to feel nice, not like a glove you would wear in winter. And it has to be easy to put on and use. I made many prototypes using different glove materials. A selection is shown on the left. 
Inside the fingertips of the glove are textures that help with focussing on the body (fingers). They create an anchor of concentration. To experiment with the effects of different textures I did user tests. 
Working prototypes
For the first prototype shown on the left I used Arduino, buttons and a piezo buzzer.  For the sensors registering the movement of the fingers the buttons are not ideal. I explored different options like:Touch sensors, photoresistors and flex sensors.To create the “real” sound I used a wave shield.